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Nov 27, 2012
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Prospecting Australia welcomes industry dealers and service providers. Our Site Sponsorship option is a great way to gain commercial exposure throughout the forum. For a small yearly fee, Site Sponsorship provides access to a number of benefits (listed below). Funds raised from Site Sponsorship fees are used to assist in the running and ongoing maintenance of the forum as well as ensuring the continual growth of our community.

Who can apply?
  • Industry Dealers, Vendors, and Service Providers

How much does it cost?
  • $200/year
What are the benefits?
  • Member title upgrade to your business or company name
  • Ability to post on the forum in an official capacity
  • Ability to add a commercial link and business information in your forum signature
  • Inclusion in our Sponsor Directory
  • Post deals, promotions and specials under Sponsor Trades
  • No Advertisements, which means the forum will load much quicker.
  • Private Messaging inbox increased to 500 messages (up from 100)
  • Unlimited access to the Downloads section.

Site Sponsor Guidelines
  • Posts made by Site Sponsors are to remain on topic and be written with the intent to make a positive contribution to the discussion. Site Sponsors may recommend a product or service in which they sell or offer providing it is relevant to the discussion. Posting solely with the intention of advertising is not permitted.
  • Site Sponsors should consider participating in regular forum discussion sharing industry experience and knowledge, this will not only help build confidence in your business among our forum members it also conforms with the overall culture of the forum, which is to share experience, knowledge and unbiased advice.
  • Site Sponsor postings should always remain unbiased and be respectful of the views and opinions of others.
  • Site Sponsors may include business or company information as well as (1) commercial link in their forum signature, this may link to a corporate website or blog which is directly associated with your business or company.
  • Site Sponsors may not post commercial links to their website in regular posts (i.e. outside of the Site Sponsor Directory or Sponsor Trades), instead they should reference the link in their forum signature.
  • Site Sponsors may post and maintain a single (1) listing in the Sponsor Directory which can used to display business or company information.
  • Topics or posts that do not comply with the Site Sponsor guidelines will be removed without further notice. Repeatedly breaking the rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban in which case a refund will not be issued.
  • Site Sponsor Memberships are not transferable or refundable.

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