1. S

    West Coast Tasmania 1950s-1960s-1970s. 2020. And my friend AssAbout...

    What is found herein are true events as I personally experienced them, and that have ventured into the realms of folk-lore and stories... although, I do declare that I have 9,000 or so books and amongst them is a book (1960s I do not have the book to hand right now) written in Kalgoorlie in the...
  2. mfdes

    Prospectors and Miners Association of Tasmania

    Hi everyone, The brand new Prospectors and Miners Association of Tasmania is now up and running! Thanks to the people whose hard work got this off the ground, and thanks in particular to PMAV and NAPFA for encouraging us to associate and seek strength in numbers. Conditions for prospectors and...
  3. Marimitch

    Tasmania information and questions

    hi guys i am in Tasmania at the moment and next week i am in the launceston area. Does anyone know a few spots for gold panning or maybe sluicing up there? i am thankful for every answer:) Cheers M&M
  4. mbasko

    ❗Fossicking & Prospecting Regulations - All Australian States

    Please note in most cases both fossicking and prospecting are covered under the same legislations / regulations. New South Wales Fossicking in NSW: https://www.resourcesregulator.nsw.gov.au/rehabilitation/fossicking-nsw...