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  1. johnb

    Gippsland Region

    Hello scott I have been prospecting in the gippy area for many years and yes the gold is very patchy a lot of the creeks have been dredged and the bulk of the country is very rough but if you don't mind cutting tracks through a mountain of blackberries you could get lucky good luck johnb
  2. johnb

    Creeks around Moe

    Hi y4k you could try Russel creek or ross gully ' Bullbeaf creek all these creeks are close to Moe near the blue rock dam ,good luck JOHN B
  3. johnb

    Searching in the wrong places !

    Well, I have checked all the places where there is no gold, now I am about to check all the places where there might be gold, incidently, the map I am using has so many crosses on it I can hardly read it.!
  4. johnb

    Happy Birthday Wishes 🎂🎉

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARTHUR may your days be golden.
  5. johnb

    GOLD and sex

    End of story maybe I have a problem.
  6. johnb

    GOLD and sex

    GOLD is a bit like sex ,you can spend your life looking for it , but after you get it you don't need it ,just as an example some years back I found a 2oz nugget after admiring it I put it in a draw and that's where it sat until I sold it some time later.
  7. johnb

    At it again

    Thanks guys hope the back holds out ,got to get more gold before I,m to old.
  8. johnb

    At it again

    My back has improved a little , so I decided to go and try my luck I cleaned out a crevice about a meter long and here is the result. Not a very good photo unfortunately.
  9. johnb


    I recently inquired about a prospecting partner or partners and I was over whelmed by the response thank you all but unfortunately I have developed a serious back problem I hope this is only temporary . I will keep you posted .
  10. johnb

    What can't you live without?

    Sorry Lisa I am not flirting I meant my comment to be a joke.
  11. johnb

    What can't you live without?

    I cant live without you .
  12. johnb

    Emerald Creek

    Thanks M I will check it out.
  13. johnb

    Bendigo Victoria information and questions

    Its a good time to detect around the Bendigo area after this heavy rain .good luck Johnb
  14. johnb

    Emerald Creek

    Some years I bought a minelab 2100 of a guy in Monbulk he gave it a test by throwing a small nugget on the ground it looked about half an ounce I asked where he had found it he replied in that creek Emerald creek he also said gold can be found in pancake creek this creek does not appear on any...
  15. johnb

    Cutting tracks

    If somebody finds this track their welcome to it the overburden is about four feet no sign of bedrock anywhere good luck Johnb
  16. johnb

    Cutting tracks

    Last week I decided to cut a track into Icey creek half a K Of black berries greeted me but Iwas up to the task converted my wiper snipper to take mower blades . Leeches were bad picked up eight very friendly no time to prospect going back new year
  17. johnb

    Hello from Lilydale

    WELCOME Kev if you want to talk prospecting post a reply I live in mount evelyn only glad to assist regards Johnb
  18. johnb

    What did you discover or learn today!

    Hey Nuggetino your on a sure thing horse shoes bring good luck .
  19. johnb

    What did you discover or learn today!

    I learnt to shut my mouth and do what I like,
  20. johnb

    Using a dredge in Australia for recreational prospecting is illegal - information and questions

    This is the type of bullshit that gave dredging a bad name .What about when these rivers are in flood the water runs brown I dredged for years and fish would swim around the nozzle looking for something to eat .