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  1. davent

    R.I.P Jaros (Jack)

    R.I.P Jaros, unexpected by me anyway. Very sorry to hear the news.
  2. davent

    Old Convict Engraved Piece ?

    well, if there was, you would win it with that! great find.
  3. davent

    Old Convict Engraved Piece ?

    Has to be a contender for find of the month/year! Congratulations, I love Australian history, that is an amazing find! I have a mate here who found a cannon ball near the mouth of the Adelaide River, here in the NT. I actually found a pic of the cannon there and the colony that was there in...
  4. davent

    PB,s or favorite nuggets! Lets see 'em!

    Just realised that some of the pics are of the same nuggets, the ones on the coaster were the 1st day, I got 18 grams and Glenn got 35. He was using the 17 x 11 6000 coil and it did a good job. I was using the 11" . Next day I used the zed and 12" nf and also got 30ish grams. None were deep...
  5. davent

    PB,s or favorite nuggets! Lets see 'em!

    Another favorite day was checking out a new location, and testing out a theory. It was a last minute day trip, and there was place on trilobite that I wanted to test. It was just a hunch, and Glenn was keen to check out a different spot entirely. But.... we were in my car, and and this spot...
  6. davent

    PB,s or favorite nuggets! Lets see 'em!

    Thats a special bit of gold that one!
  7. davent

    Sword found in Germany

    I have heard the exact same silk story about samurai as well, even seen so.eone on you tube try an recreate it, however, it seems it is not possible as silk is too light so the story was busted, silk is also a very strong fabric.
  8. davent

    Request for Feed Back on Subaru Outback or Forester Experiences

    An fishing mate of mine had a Subaru Forrester with a lift kit on it, went anywhere any other 4x4 went and did it easy.
  9. davent

    Carrying a Snake bite kit

    Most sensible comment on PIB technique I have ever read. In the unlikely event I do get bitten, and if I have added a bandage to my kit, I will do it your way. If I don't have a bandage, I will rip.up my shirt or something...
  10. davent

    Carrying a Snake bite kit

    I come accross the odd death adder in the area I have been working, usually when I flip over a piece of bark with my coil. Never had one strike at the coil, 2 reactions, one is they stay still and think they are invisible, or they scoot, and yep, death adders can move quickly when they panic.
  11. davent

    Carrying a Snake bite kit

    Thanks Pat, I know a thing or two about snakes and snake bite. It's a bit like quicksand.....always thought quicksand was going to be a major problem when I was growing up.
  12. davent

    Carrying a Snake bite kit

    I never carry a snake bite kit, never have. Maybe I should.....but after 8 years running around in the bush in the Infantry, usually with a few hundred or even thousand other blokes, and a whole life of fishing, hunting,prospecting, and having only ever come accross 1 snake bite victim in all...
  13. davent

    ⭐ Gold Detecting Show'n Tell

    1 oz per hole is a good just need to find some holes like that!
  14. davent

    GPX6000 Vs SDC2300 Sensitivity Test.

    Best answer I have ever read on this subject.
  15. davent

    New Gold Detecting Pick

    I sharpend my old pick with a grinder....took a bit of grinding I can tell ya! And no where near the original shape, but has held up pretty well. It's my big pick, and dosnt get much use though to be honest, it was my only pick for a few years though.
  16. davent

    More questions..

    I believe that "locate patch" compensates for speed of swing and pace of walk, I think you lose a little sensitivity, however, it does make the machine a little quieter when covering ground more quickly than a slow deliberate swing.
  17. davent

    ⭐ Gold Detecting Show'n Tell

    Man what a racket for a nugget that size! Is a modded machine?
  18. davent

    Can anyone help identify this

    Could it be leverite?
  19. davent

    Search my mum's land (near Forster NSW)!

    Phil, how did you get that time? Is it google maps. a route planning app, or what? Cheers.dave.