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  1. Hilux

    Introduction of new users to forum

    You might not find gold with that detector but it definitely should find some coins. I started with an Aldi $100 detector and found load of old coins. Grab a handful of coins of different values and find a spot outside. Play with your detector to see how it responds to different coins. Do it...
  2. Hilux

    Introduction of new users to forum

    Hi Mark, welcome. What sort of detector have you got?
  3. Hilux

    coil rubber replacement

    If it's deteriorating like the one in Grubstake's link and it were mine; I'd remove the plug and fit some adhesive lined heat-shrink over the full length of the cable. Plain heat-shrink will work but maybe not as well as adhesive lined...
  4. Hilux

    R.I.P Jaros (Jack)

    RIP Jaros. :(
  5. Hilux

    Spanner set

    I vaguely recall using them to connect the wire from the contact points in the distributor that ran out from the points to the ignition coil. The points had a little 3/8" (across the flats) or thereabouts nut. Back in the days when you had to lift the bonnet every couple of months and do a tune-up.
  6. Hilux

    red back and new dolly

    I don't know anything about this sort of gold work but an alternative to the jack hammer would be a cheap pneumatic hammer / chisel from Supercheap or similar stores. They pack a heap of power for the $40 or whatever price. I made up a custom tool for one and used it to peen steel rivets. Very...
  7. Hilux

    Spanner set

    My old man always referred to them as 'ignition spanners'.
  8. Hilux

    Brass Monkey Fridge Review

    My sons Brass Monkey has 2 inputs, solar and 12/24V. It definitely charges from both. I guess you've looked in the app to see if there's a setting to disable the charging? On a side note. My son's BM really struggled to keep the battery charged. 35°C days, heaps of sun and a 160W solar panel...
  9. Hilux

    Hello to everyone.

    Hi Tony. I'll be interested to see how you go using the 540 for gold hunting. I've got a 540 but I use it for coin and artefact hunting. Mainly urban unless on holidays.
  10. Hilux

    Impact Mill , Chain Type .

    A great project Mike. I'll never use one but by looking at your photos I now know how they work. Very neat.
  11. Hilux

    Old Convict Engraved Piece ?

    No idea as to what it is for, it's a very nice find.
  12. Hilux

    Is this just some 70's costume bling?

    Found along the river near Perth. It had quite a bit of crust on it from the salty water but vinegar cleaned it up. Made from bronze or brass. Its not particularly well manufactured - no fine detail like a coin would have. Is it just 70's costume jewellery?
  13. Hilux

    Jennens & Co London Button

    This site shows them running to 1924.
  14. Hilux

    A few finds from Mt Perry

    We just got back from a trip to Exmouth in the NW. We left half way through our trip. It was 39°C or over every single day. Just south of Exmouth it was 43 to 44°C for hundreds of kilometres on the way home. It's been like that every day for nearly 3 weeks. In 2022 the maximum for Exmouth in...
  15. Hilux

    A few finds from Mt Perry

    Have a hunt and see what old aerial photos you can find. In WA we have Landgate (WA Gov) which has old aerial photos you can view for free. They are good for spotting where tracks and old buildings were located. You may have a similar thing over where you are. Some councils in WA do it as well...
  16. Hilux

    Jennens & Co London Button

    Does the button rear say "Jennens and Co"? There's some interesting stuff at the link below but I can't see a similar design.
  17. Hilux

    A few finds from Mt Perry

    Some neat finds, particularly the locket and ring. Looks like you are on to a good spot.
  18. Hilux

    Hilux's finds

    I had a look in a paddock across from a mid 1850s convict depot. I found a Royal Miners & Sappers military button. Made between 1847-1854 by Firmin & Son who were founded in 1655 and are still trading.
  19. Hilux

    Hilux's finds

    It's a bastard that the salt water along the river corrodes the coins so badly.
  20. Hilux

    Old wartime Bullet found in school yard

    I'm in WA and just take them to my local Police station. Personally I don't worry about making an appointment. It's normally just a couple of old .22 bullets, the coppers (usually civilian admin aides) don't seem fussed. I did find a really crusty .22 and twisted / bent the projectile out of...