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  1. Northeast

    For Sale Nugget Finder 24" x 12" Evolution Mono closed coil - $420

    Evening sesblocker, I've looked a couple of times at your post but I can't find the price you are wanting? 👍 Cheers, NE.
  2. Northeast

    Today I BOUGHT

    As FWDOz said, “sometimes you have to treat yourself” 😉
  3. Northeast

    Minelab GPX5000 - So much more to learn

    Great answer, thanks mbasko 👍
  4. Northeast

    Minelab GPX5000 - So much more to learn

    Having never used a 5000, I was interested in this little tid-bit above - It is perfect for those faint, hard to hear responses. Has anyone ever just used it as a mode in general detecting if it helps with the faint ones? Or is it just not practical in mineralised ground or something? Or is...
  5. Northeast

    Minelab price increases

    Yep, got an email from Miner's Den also. How old is the 5000? 15 yrs or thereabouts? Let's add an extra $1,000 to the price :rolleyes: Who is going to pay $11,500 for a GPZ 7000 with a 19" coil???? :oops: An extra $200 for a Gold Monster but with a special surprise - 1 less coil. If...
  6. Northeast

    "Silent walking" Gen Z

    I sort of thought your son must have been joking when he said that to you 2lateagwin, but sadly he was not. What a...
  7. Northeast

    How good are our fancy new metal detectors?

    Me too. It is an interesting business case where past poorer machines and brand loyalty seemingly continue to have a very real impact on sales. Everybody is waiting for lots of Australian information on the Axiom - good or bad - and it just isn't coming.
  8. Northeast

    How good are our fancy new metal detectors?

    In no way am I suggesting I don't believe what you are saying, but jeez it would be hard to believe Minelab would have the audacity to hike prices like that. Especially the GPZ and its 'old tech'. If it ends up being the case it is a shot in the foot for Minelab and a leg-up for Garret and...
  9. Northeast

    Dog nipping ankles

    This would be my first trick to try also 👍
  10. Northeast

    Minelab Equinox 900

    Hi XLOOX. I don't have a 900 so I'm sorry but can't really offer much. My suggestions above were based off the 800 and what are pretty good default settings on it. Have a look at a thread here and similar issues seem to be arising with very experienced users re: ID instability, chatter...
  11. Northeast

    For Sale - GPX 6000

    Evening all. Mods, if you can please move this to the archived section. I will keep it. Thanks, N.E. ;)
  12. Northeast

    For Sale - GPX 6000

    Afternoon all. I will likely leave this up for another week or so and then remove it from sale if not sold. I will be down Melbourne way again later this week if that helps anyone. And likely in Bendigo in the next few weeks. I'd be interested for comment though, how much do the...
  13. Northeast

    Has The Golden Triangle All Been Detected Thoroughly?

    I'd borrow a GPX 6000 for a day and see what lights up. No harm in trying 👍
  14. Northeast

    For Sale - GPX 6000

    Thanks Dave. That is the unit I am looking at. Been in contact with Dennis and as long as the GPX6 sells then I will buy his Axiom ;)
  15. Northeast

    For Sale - GPX 6000

  16. Northeast

    For Sale - GPX 6000

    For sale GPX 6000 with 11” mono, 14” DD (hardly used but works very well) and 17” mono. Purchased from Outback Prospector in April 2021. 17” coil purchased from Outback Prospector August 2021. Extra battery purchased May 2022. One of the batteries was replaced under warranty March 2023...
  17. Northeast

    Need a feed back. Which one - Equinox or Legend?.

    Yep, and based on some comments in this thread at least, it seems like the Legend is just as capable in Gold Mode. Cheers, N.E.
  18. Northeast

    Minelab Equinox 900

    The Equity Noxious - bloody autocorrect I dare say? 🤣 For more physical reasons they are an improvement on the 800. I think from a technical side of things are very similar. They will find gold but they are a VLF and will struggle in some mineralised soils that a P.I. will breeze in...
  19. Northeast

    Imperial to Metric changeover

    It took WA only 18 years to fully convert? Not bad. Here I was thinking they were 3 hrs and 30 years behind 😉
  20. Northeast

    Minelab ProFind 40

    $269 at Miner’s Den 😳