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    Some One has had a lucky find

    I have mate and its still one of the best memories I have had detecting , I found it just on top of ground and it was just like the pic like brand new 1852 and perfect
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    Dowsing/divining for gold

    Hi is there any scientific study or a basic xplanation how this works ? Mick 73
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    QED pl2 help

    Went out today armed with all the advice you guys have given me , no gold but I was happy finding small bits of lead in an area I know a sdc has worked Hard . Thank you
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    1851 penny token

    Thats cool mate , I would give it a clean ?. I once found a 1852 half sovereign was like new condition, its nice holding history great find ?
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    Building a coil

    hi all just wondering if any of us have had a go a making there own coil ? .
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    Stupid Things You Have Done

    Wow thats gotta hurt Xcvator , got any pics of the things you are doing mate ?.
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    QED pl2 help

    Ok thank you Jarrod84 , understand what you guys are all saying , i guess I wasnt being completely fair to the machine as I was fixated on tuneing it to what I wanted to find rather then the ground it could work in . Thanks guys Mick73
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    QED pl2 help

    Ok thanks northeast , I will give you a yell if iam up your way , you have given me a lot to work on cheers mate .
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    QED pl2 help

    Wow thank you all for replying to my post I really do appreciate it , guys if iam raising my mode am I then diminishing my chances of small gold ? I found with my ths b screaming I could hear a break in ths over a target is this a plausible way to detect do U think ? . I have the latest update...
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    QED pl2 help

    Hi every one , I really am hoping someone can point me in the right direction on setting up my qed in mineralised ground .. I was out last weekend and came upon a Spot were were the was exposed reef , looks good i thought ? so went through the set up process , the coil I had on was a Nf Sadie...
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    Hi all

    Hi every one , thought I should drop a line and introduce myself , iam Mick i live in Victoria , Geelong . I have been prospecting not that long around 2 years now , and love it . I hope iam able to contribute to this forum as you all do . Regards Mick