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  1. Treasureseeker123

    Lost Yabbie pump Isabella river Oberon, Reward offered

    Wilson brand yabbie pump, Lost on 3/10/2022 left at the Isabella river while prospecting. If found pls contact me, i'll come pick it up with a small reward. Thanks.
  2. Treasureseeker123


    Wait around 4 months and you will hopefully receive an email showing your cut stones. Lambert also doesn't reply my emails.
  3. Treasureseeker123

    ⭐ Gemstone & Mineral Show n Tell

    Sapphire bend, Black springs near Oberon.
  4. Treasureseeker123

    ⭐ Gemstone & Mineral Show n Tell

    Here's a close up shot of a group of uncuttable tiny sapphire grains which I managed to fossick out of SB over a period. I go there from time to time however still working towards "finding the big one."