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  1. Goldaddict21

    G'day Prospectors...

    My Dad and I will be attending your 'Next Level Prospecting' course on the Sunday 👌👍
  2. Goldaddict21

    Which GPS to buy?

    Ive also had this issue 😤😮‍💨🤬
  3. Goldaddict21

    G'day Prospectors...

    Great video Tony. Looking forward to joining you in Mandurah at one of your courses in a few weeks!
  4. Goldaddict21

    For sale - Sp01 with canvas case and SteelPhase pro headphones $400

    Hi Tim, I am interested in purchasing these. I have sent you a message to discuss more. Cheers!
  5. Goldaddict21

    Rare Earth Magnets

    Hi, Ive been looking at purchasing a strong rectangular magnet to attach on the underside of the head of my pick. The idea is that it will pick up any metal when i am scraping dirt out of a hole. Just wondering if anyone has had much success with this and can recommend where to purchase one...
  6. Goldaddict21

    DIY Coil Repair - Cracked Nugget Finder Z Search Coil

    Thanks for your advice everyone! It turns out that Rohan from Nugget Finder saw this post and reached out to me offering to replace the plastic with a thicker black plastic. Now that is what i call great customer service! Extremely happy and thankful with this result.
  7. Goldaddict21

    DIY Coil Repair - Cracked Nugget Finder Z Search Coil

    *Edit* I just use warm water and a sponge to clean off any dust/dirt.
  8. Goldaddict21

    DIY Coil Repair - Cracked Nugget Finder Z Search Coil

    Hi, Not sure if this is posted in the right section (Admin please re direct if need be). I was just cleaning my 7000 after my last trip and have noticed that my nugget finder z search coil has taken a beating. There are a few cracks on the sides as well as the top. I tend to drive my coil a...
  9. Goldaddict21

    The Mosquitoes Were Out...

    Might have to give this a try. Those little buggers always have a feast when im outdoors :mad: :lol:
  10. Goldaddict21

    Today I BOUGHT

    I treated myself to a new pair of boots and knife for my next prospecting trip (over the Easter long weekend). This is my second pair of Hi-Tec boots. I highly rate them as they're lightweight and super comfy. I couldn't help myself when i was Anaconda and walked out with the bowie knife also...
  11. Goldaddict21

    Where's summer?

    We have rain for the next 3 days over here in Perth :lol:
  12. Goldaddict21

    Finding lead shot

    If i had a dollar for every shotgun pellet ive picked up then i would be a wealthy man :lol:
  13. Goldaddict21


    Some helpful information to steer me in the right direction. Cheers all :)
  14. Goldaddict21

    ⭐ Gold Detecting Show'n Tell

    There are some beauties in here :inlove: :inlove: :goldnugget:
  15. Goldaddict21

    First day! No Gold But Loved It.

    This is very true. I remember sitting in the car with my first piece for a good 20 minutes, taking it all in. Enjoy! :)
  16. Goldaddict21

    What To Look For On The Goldfields (New To Prospecting)

    I've spent the past hour or so reading through this thread. There is heaps of valuable information here. Thanks all who have contributed their wisdom. Cant wait to get back out there and find more GOLD :perfect:
  17. Goldaddict21


    Hi, My name is Ryan, From Perth, WA. I've been enjoying the hobby of prospecting for around 3 years now. I stumbled across this forum after googling prospecting questions and am loving what this is all about. Looking forward to learning as much as i can! Cheers :Y: :pickshovel: :goldnugget...