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  1. PhaseTech

    R.I.P Jaros (Jack)

    Sad news. Condolences to his family and close friends. R.I.P Jaros.
  2. PhaseTech

    VEGE PATCH. What's growing in yours?

    We don't have much of a backyard, but we've made the most of it. In the retained garden bed along the fence it's mainly Yuccas and succulents but they are broken up by Orange, Lemon and Lime trees and we have a Japanese pear. Also have a plum tree that is hit and miss, some years it goes nuts...
  3. PhaseTech

    Questions about prices and certain functions

    Visual vs Audio responses. A visual response is easy on a coin machine (if you use conservative settings) because it is generally silent and goes beep when you go over a coin. On a gold detector, unfortunately the days of 3 gram nuggets sitting on the surface are long gone. What we are...
  4. PhaseTech

    Minelab Equinox 900

    Just curious, were you in Multi?? I have often found 40 or 20 kHz to be the better option when the ground is too hot. Will give you more consistent results.
  5. PhaseTech

    PB,s or favorite nuggets! Lets see 'em!

    This is one of my favourite finds. 12 grams of the good stuff, but so reefy it was like I literally pulled it off some host rock. When I dug it out it was sitting in a pocket of schist, so there was shiny glittery stuff all over the dig pile.
  6. PhaseTech

    Early 4500 vs later model 4500

    Definitely get it out away from EMI and metal. If you have a DD coil, you can test it in a local park, just put the coil switch into Cancel.
  7. PhaseTech

    Early 4500 vs later model 4500

    If you have good hearing and good headphones, you can hear a very high pitch hum when in Enhance. If the noise disappears when in Normal, then that's er.... normal.
  8. PhaseTech

    Phase Technical Videos

    Back to the same spot as in the last video, but took the GPZ along with the 12" Z search coil, hoping that combo would handle the ground a little better.
  9. PhaseTech

    aptX Low Latency compatible gear - Equinox & GPX6000 users

    Happy to hear. Re the volume control, that's an easy fix. Remove the knob and put a small fibre washer down around the pot and put the knob back on. Will provide a little more resistance.
  10. PhaseTech

    aptX Low Latency compatible gear - Equinox & GPX6000 users

    Hi mate, standard Minelab gear I can't ship overseas. SteelPhase headphones and some generic accessories I can. Best to PM or email me. Cheers
  11. PhaseTech

    aptX Low Latency compatible gear - Equinox & GPX6000 users

    Now available for the 6000 is a Low Latency bluetooth wireless receiver that has a 1/4" socket built in. This is the same Quest receiver that's in the Mate wireless kit, but with a different chip, so will pair directly to the 6000. I have tested it with both headphones and also through the sP01...
  12. PhaseTech

    GPX X-Coils vs Nugget Finder/Coiltek Coils.

    I think they are only doing GPZ these days.
  13. PhaseTech

    Legend Users Feedback

    Glad you asked. I've been wanting to write a bit about the Legend on gold for ages now, but stuff always gets in the way. So here it goes. The Legend is pretty capable on small gold, (within the usual limitations of VLF machines which is, the less iron in the soil the better they will work)...
  14. PhaseTech

    New pinpointer from Nokta

    First write up from one of the beta testers:
  15. PhaseTech


    Also Trade-In and Clearance items can be found here:
  16. PhaseTech

    R.I.P Forum Members and other prospectors

    RIP Trevor. Condolences to the family. Too young.
  17. PhaseTech

    Phase Technical Videos

    Got a new video up. Searching new ground.
  18. PhaseTech

    OzzieAu's Recent local finds

    Reminds me of something off a old lathe??
  19. PhaseTech

    Sand scoops - are the ebay units any good?

    That's poor form. I'd never do that, too many things can wrong and then you get grumpy customers.