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  1. Qlden

    Watch out for 'black nuggets'!

    Got these from big green shed ($7.00ish) and cut the tips off the relevant fingers…
  2. Qlden

    New comer

    Better gold prices… Not so much gold…
  3. Qlden

    aptX Low Latency compatible gear - Equinox & GPX6000 users

    Good to hear they are working for you Phil (pun intended) the noise cancelling feature works well along side the programmable element. I can wear mine under my legionnaires type hat which protects them from UV and the elements…
  4. Qlden

    Garrett Axiom

    Axiom now Sold.. Thank you PA. Admin please remove.
  5. Qlden

    Garrett Axiom

    Hi Pete, Yes Axiom is still for sale.. Send me a private message if you want more details, info or pics… Currently travelling slowly down the West Coast.
  6. Qlden

    Garrett Axiom

    Hi Dubbles, Yes Mate the Axiom is still available. I have just arrived back in Broome a few minutes ago and will be here for a couple of days. I will send you a message with my phone number
  7. Qlden

    Garrett Axiom

    Finished detecting for the season a few weeks ago and now on the West Coast fishing. Axiom still for sale as pictured above. Price Reduced to $4500… (plus postage) Will be in Broome in a few days so can send from there if anyone interested…
  8. Qlden

    Home made pick.

    Hi Ghost27, Out of curiosity only, why is the scrapper blade sharpened on the underside versus the upper side which is the norm?
  9. Qlden

    Garrett Axiom, Z link and Bluetooth compatibility

    Yes, can plug my programable headphones into the ZLynk system but the programable element works only on Bluetooth. Not when plugged into ZLynk receiver….
  10. Qlden

    Garrett Axiom

    Yes, although it does find gold I cannot use my programable (to my deafness) headphones. Also not as convenient with having all different charging cables to the 6000. If we had only one detector it would be ok. Definitely more capable than a SDC2300, probably on par with the 6000…
  11. Qlden

    Garrett Axiom

    Garrett Axiom (March 23) Standard Inclusions plus ZLynk WiFi system for extra versatility. Found 40+ gramms. Gold Not included…… $5500. Now just $4500… (plus postage)
  12. Qlden

    ⭐ Gold Detecting Show'n Tell

    Part 2.. Wife took the 6000 off me so back to the Axiom. Ended up staying overnight. Had another 6 digs identical to the previous posts pic, all for Bundaberg giver beer bottle tops… How lucky to get the shiny first dig.. However persevered through the rusty tin and other assorted junk all sub...
  13. Qlden

    ⭐ Gold Detecting Show'n Tell

    Stopped for a roadside Smoko break on Thursday on rehabbed ground… 20 mins with the wife’s 6000 and 12 x7 NF coil while she boiled the billy.
  14. Qlden

    ⭐ Gold Detecting Show'n Tell

    Yes I use this procedure, however the signal response on a test piece of gold seems to diminish slightly until ground balancing again on soil only…
  15. Qlden

    ⭐ Gold Detecting Show'n Tell

    Hard yakka this morning. Geez it loves them hot rocks.
  16. Qlden

    Equinox 900 = My first detector - For gold?

    Bloke in Victoria unearthed a $240,000 gold specimen with an Equinox 800. Just last week allegedly… (I say allegedly because the cynics will point to big gold finds being reported every year the week before Easter gold detecting season)
  17. Qlden

    ⭐ Gold Detecting Show'n Tell

    Huh, I only ever get stones stuck in my treads….
  18. Qlden

    ⭐ Gold Detecting Show'n Tell

    First morning out.
  19. Qlden

    Today I Saw a Native Animal

    8 or 9 pairs of these Major Mitchell’s where we are camped..
  20. Qlden

    17” Coil to suit GPX 6000

    Coil now sold. Thanks admin…