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    Garrett Sea Hunter Mark 2

    Many times I've used a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice on the corroded contact points, then little sprinkle of baking soda. It will fizz for a minute, then clean with a small soft haired art paint brush dipped in warm water. Air or blow dry, then a little spray of INOX. 🍻
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    Buying from Temu

    Purchased an X3-PI detector from TEMU Australia. Good price and free delivery. Works just like a Whites Dual Field PI, 1/2" less in depth on same 10¢ target. Temu wanted a rewiev and that is what they got. Did not think they would include it, but they did. Someone else in Australia must have...
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    TNQ Beach Hunt.

    Recent beach hunt with an older DetectorPro Uni-Probe PI detector. A number of people came to chat, got a few leads. All in all, a pleasant morning on the beach. . 🍻
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    ⭐ Gold Detecting Show'n Tell

    From an old townsite with lots of history and heaps of left behinds.
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    Tdi Pro VS Tdi SL

    Dual field, higher sensitivity within the small coil, lovely coil to use but to noicy on some of our gold fields. Razorback F8. or as some call it "folded mono" I believe Reg.Sniff had something to do with the this coil design, that was started by Razor Back. Higher sensitivity 2/3 down the...
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    Legend Users Feedback

    Legend ~ Software 1.11 ~ Optimised for Beach mode, Md and Mw. Coins on ground. . . Coil 4" above. Tested on my back garden paved walkway. Sov. Md 34-37 jumpy. 1/2 Sov. Md 30 Steady. Sow. Mw 36-37. 1/2 Sov. Mw 28-31 jumpy. Do a fresh GB before going to Prospecting Mode. Sov. 37 Steady. 1/2...
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    Wanted Retro Whites PI

    Sent PM ~ Got reply ~ Silver did not get the Surf PI. ? 🍻
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    Wanted Retro Whites PI

    Looking for a Whites Surf PI Dual Field, in working condition. 🍻
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    Detech 18"x4" DD coil for Garrett AT Pro/Gold.

    Attached the new Detech 18"x 4" DD coil to the AT Max and took it for it's first beach hunt/test. This section of beach is mainly used to get from street parking to beach/water area, so free to search in peace. With a sweep area of 18" this coil proved to be just the right size for an area like...
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    How to tape off Equinox 900 coils with tape

    In order to prevent water and very find sand from getting between the coil and cover I use: "Rust-Oleum 340g Black LeakSeal Flexible Rubber Coating Spray"
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    Detech 18"x4" DD coil for Garrett AT Pro/Gold.

    Coil expected mid next week. Coil will be used mainly for beach work both wet and dry, but will try different locations. Saw a few public sandy volleyball courts last week, that might just be a place to try a new coil. ? I call these places "Sandys" Gold & Gem Fields. 🍻
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    Detech 18"x4" DD coil for Garrett AT Pro/Gold.

    Someone besides me must have purchased one of these coils, just went to have a look at the website, there are none left. Lucky someone ❗ :) 🍻
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    Detech 18"x4" DD coil for Garrett AT Pro/Gold.

    Looks like I'll have to get one in order to see how they work. One is now in the mail.
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    Detech 18"x4" DD coil for Garrett AT Pro/Gold.

    Anyone tried a Detech 18x4" DD Arrow coil on a Garrett AT Pro/Gold. ? I could make a guess as to the answer but just in case 🤷‍♂️ 🍻
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    FORS Gold Review by Steve Herschbach - USA

    I know it's a little late but fact is the Nokta Fors Gold work well at the gold fields and beaches in Qld. where I have used it. However when used on ocean beaches the Ground Reject or GB as some call it, must be adjusted manually since the auto GB do not go low enough on this detector. Fors...
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    TDI Pulsescan modifications AND BIG coils

    The Pro Scan TDI Manual is correct In places or ground where GEB is not required a depth increase is noticeable with GEB off. A wet beach is such a place; excluding heavily Black Sand Beaches where GEB is definitely required. TDI have GEB On/Off switch so it's easy to set/adjust. . . . . ATX...
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    Axiom TNQ Beach Gold.

    There used to be a seaside resort South of Pt. Douglas in TNQ that cater for these people, usually well booked after the Sydney 🏳️‍🌈 parade.
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    What are YOU doing right NOW

    About to replace a TO92 Voltage regulator on a Surf P.I. Dual Field circuit board.
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    What is this

    Storm water pipe split repair joint.
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    Garrett Axiom in North Queensland

    Axiom still worth taking to the beach for a swing.