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  1. The Kof

    Can anyone help identify this

    Looks like a rock .
  2. The Kof

    Ultrasonic Cleaners for Coins

    I use lemon juice .
  3. The Kof

    Minelab Gold Monster 1000

    Better chance of finding a huge nugget. Maybe try for a pi . Start smallish .
  4. The Kof

    Minelab Gold Monster 1000

    I have the monster,was about to give up on it . I have seen one other say the same as you . So I shall percervere. Thanks for the info .
  5. The Kof


    Sherlock reckons it was stuck to the the old sleepers we got from the old 40s house over the road . Then stuck on a boot . Works for me . .
  6. The Kof


    Found my first threepence today . Thing is I found it on the lounge room floor . Absolutely no Idea how it got there but I'll take it .
  7. The Kof


    I own the impact and as far asI am concerned deep mode is one setting that is wishful thinking. Stat and gen are the two settings I use most often .
  8. The Kof

    Legend Users Feedback

    My Legend arrived with Australian coin guide .
  9. The Kof

    A new QED model is on the way

    This is Australia.
  10. The Kof

    Minelab Vanquish straight shaft conversion.

    I converted my vanquish to straight shaft by simply wrapping an old bike tube around the shaft and reinstalling the control box . Works a treat .
  11. The Kof

    Whinge of the day thread...

    If people stop buying them the price will drop .
  12. The Kof

    New Gold Finder 2000

    A huge thanks to Nenad at Phase Techical . Finally got a stand and cover for the gf2000 .
  13. The Kof

    New Gold Finder 2000

    Ok that looks the go . Now if I could only find another impact stand .
  14. The Kof

    New Gold Finder 2000

    Nope , tried that
  15. The Kof

    Nokta Makro Gold Finder 2000

    Spoil yourself and have both .
  16. The Kof

    New Gold Finder 2000

    Thanks mate . Shall try that .
  17. The Kof

    New Gold Finder 2000

    No stand supplied . Tried my impact stand but won't stay put .
  18. The Kof

    New Gold Finder 2000

    Does anyone know of a stand that will fit the gf 2000 .
  19. The Kof

    Solar Gold Australia - anyone heard of them?

    Just bought some cable clips from them l will admit my stuff up when I cancelled not knowing they had been sent .Refund applied . Do I feel the goose , so contacted them wanting to pay for them . They were nice about it and said nah just keep them . Next time I need clips !