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  1. Bacchus

    Codan's Golden run to continue

    Closed @ $4.42 yesterday which was perfect to avoid technical buying by the tradebots and rewarding those who anticipated the earnings release to the high side which they were. 19% jump today and Minelab looks to be in great shape with the Chinese market possibly opening up again.
  2. Bacchus

    Codan's Golden run to continue

    Just for anyone with an interest our Minelab producer topped out @ $19.41 for those brave enough to hold all the way. 8% jump yesterday on projected earnings big watch today and tomorrow if it holds above $4.43 16/3/2020 Covid close .🧐
  3. Bacchus

    Help I live in SA 😂⚒️⛏️🚫

    Forget my favourite Chapel Hill mate has been completely fenced for over a year and you can’t get in because of open shafts. Crawford has been my unlucky hunting ground for some strange reason. Jupiter Creek really has been genuinely flogged now and very difficult to find a bit a day. I wrote...
  4. Bacchus

    Jupiter Creek SA Not Giving Up The Good Stuff?

    Got a bit two weeks ago @JC and was first in 6 sessions there. SDC and Gold extreme 14 x 9 Chapel Hill was good for a bit almost every trip but now closed. Mt Crawford has never been good to me unfortunately so now it’s a drive and camp @ Tib or Tarnagulla. SA very disappointing for our...
  5. Bacchus

    Land cruiser 1HD FT Oil used

    Cheers David, my old knowledgeable mechanic advised 5k changes, I think the model before had big end problems if not done regularly so is a habit I will stick to even though I think many are now changing at 10 with the synthetic gear.👍
  6. Bacchus

    Land cruiser 1HD FT Oil used

    With my 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser having its 25 th birthday I was wondering how many other members are running them, how they are going with klm‘s and what oil is the preferred consumable. Personally my old girl is just run in with 300,000 km ( know of a fella on Cruiser forum @ 1.5 m klm’s and...
  7. Bacchus

    How good are our fancy new metal detectors?

    What a great write up 🙂, I do recall your early posts when you were struggling with the SDC chatter after the Garrett. Genuine gold detecting success story 👍
  8. Bacchus

    First Tibooburra trip

    A couple of days camped in the caravan park or the Aboriginal camp ground detecting the common is a good start talking to others , from there Gumvale station is lovely country for a look. The Milparinka Hotel for a beer with the couple that own it and a look at the ruins and restored heritage...
  9. Bacchus

    4500 V's 6000

    That sparked my interest, fwiw my avatar was found at about 3 inches SDC @Tarnagulla on a low-hi weird signal and my 4500 could not see. Think it goes to show all machines still have gold to find depending on the make up of the nugget ,machine set up, weather conditions and probably how you you...
  10. Bacchus

    Show us your Dog / Best mate

    Over thirty years of Staffies and lost two of our oldest in last three years. Welcomed our Covid baby “Bear” , Bear with his mate chook @ 12 months , and Bear’s dad “Full Tilt”
  11. Bacchus

    SDC 2300 and Gold Extreme 14 x9

    Mods , please move to closed trades.
  12. Bacchus

    SDC 2300 and Gold Extreme 14 x9

    Minelab SDC 2300 in excellent condition ( warranty expired ) Original packaging, sales invoice , never used without cover. 2 x sets of batteries with charger DD full cover Nugget Finder heavy duty skid plate Minelab skid plate ( new never used ) Minelab SDC UR 30 headphones ( new never used...
  13. Bacchus

    Codan's Golden run to continue

    Have not posted her for a while but wanted to highlight the achievements of a magnificent Australian company through unbelievably hard times for businesses. Codans return on investment of 150% in less than 12 months , shows incredible confidence in a company being the best in the world at what...
  14. Bacchus

    GPZ7000 And Salt Lakes

    Hi JOH Was looking forward to the extra coverage from the 14 x 9 on a trip to the open spaces of Tibooburra before lockdown hit and my local area here in SA is mostly overgrown where the 8 suits me better overall where the knuckle setup is great to push in and under bushes. My deepest targets...
  15. Bacchus

    GPZ7000 And Salt Lakes

    Nice attempt at deflection ! Perhaps you can openly state on here that Phase Tech and Reno Chris are lying as their posts clearly are at odds with your assessment. Keep digging : In more ways than one
  16. Bacchus

    GPZ7000 And Salt Lakes

    Firstly Goldtalk Leonora I , unlike yourself have no vested interest in talking up or down any particular machine , coil or gold digging experience but if you are going to call a six year member of this forum a liar you best do some reasearch. I put it to you that these two blokes have far...
  17. Bacchus

    GPZ7000 And Salt Lakes

    There are a few members on here who are well aware of the SDCs capability using the salt settings including over in WA especially on larger deep targets but may have agreed to Get Smart and entered the cone of silence ;) I would be interested to know where you read that Justoverthehill as...
  18. Bacchus

    SDC2300 Manual Threshold?

    Have done the same with a detecting partner T and I probably should have added that using a GME external together to identify a slight threshold pull was next to useless, ended up finding a target then handing him the headphones. Can not emphasise enough the importance of a good set of...
  19. Bacchus

    SDC2300 Manual Threshold?

    People describe the SDC as plug and play but my take on it after 5 years is this. Adjust the threshold and sensitivity to allow as much information in as your ears can handle, the more hours you spend on the machine you seem to be able to tune your brain in to listen through the warble and pick...
  20. Bacchus

    Diesel Heaters

    Condor 22 has an excellent thread on installation here somewhere, had a mate installed one in a jayco pop up. -3 outside + 22 inside overnight on about 1 litre of diesel.