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  1. ctxkid

    Sofala Cemetery

    Short rant ! if i find out who dug all the unfilled holes in the original Sofala cemetery , you'll be digging a much bigger hole for your last dig ! if you think i'm kidding , try me
  2. ctxkid

    Has anyone found a 1813 dump

  3. ctxkid

    The Weekend Prospector TV series (Original - Tommy)

    yes to both the above posts it is shows such as , and social media that portray the hobby as an instant money maker ! We all know that it isn't ! "Fortune" hunters don't care about digging etiquette, they want the money , these same folk glean information from any source possible :( This is...
  4. ctxkid

    Basic QED airtest of 5, 20 and 50 cent piece.

    air testing is a waste of life
  5. ctxkid

    Songs to celebrate your life at your funeral.
  6. ctxkid

    Is it illegal to use CB or UHF while driving?

    the answer is NO the law was changed after a huge case in 1977
  7. ctxkid

    Tent heaters

    3 minutes :8 :( 2 1/2 longer than normal :o can't be done :zzz:
  8. ctxkid

    Buying gold and concentrates/paydirt

    contact Madtuna he had some good shit the other day
  9. ctxkid

    Today I BOUGHT

    a man that works for free , has his country at heart, wants everything manufactured in his country and not chinese crap imports WTF is he doing wrong i really feel we need someone in Australia like him! lets make Australia a proud manufacturing country again..............i know it's a pipe dream
  10. ctxkid

    Gold Price. (Official Discussion)

    sure is 8.(
  11. ctxkid

    Is it worth buying the GM 1000 for small gold when I have a XTerra 705

    dont go out expecting to get rich = no disappointment
  12. ctxkid

    Is it worth buying the GM 1000 for small gold when I have a XTerra 705

    have no expectation to avoid disappointment ;) take it out, dig (neatly) every target , an in a coupla trips of seeing what comes up and from where,you'll have a gauge to go by :rainbow: :pickshovel: :money:
  13. ctxkid

    Minelab Vanquish (340 440 540) tips and questions

    they look like a garrett , so maybe the miss guided that are garrett fans may jump over to the minelab camp ??
  14. ctxkid

    Relic hunting tool tips wanted

    so thats you leaving those unfilled holes at hawkins hill then hmmmmmmmm....... :playful: :playful: :o
  15. ctxkid

    NSW Highbanking - what is the current state of play?

    i think it has a lot to do with dirty water going back into the water course
  16. ctxkid

    Midnight pegging

    i had too :8 :awful: :awful: :awful: :N: :rainbow:
  17. ctxkid

    Today I BOUGHT

    RR nice work, they charge really well on a 3amp usb supply :power: :perfect:
  18. ctxkid

    More on Bush Power

    here's one i put in a harley
  19. ctxkid

    More on Bush Power

    i too have a 1400 :cool: and i have one of these in it (not this one) it spins the starter like it has no plugs in :power: :power: :power: it has the info on it Bigwave :Y: i cannot recommend Super Sport lithium higher :perfect: :heart: :cool: i can supply and post :)
  20. ctxkid

    More on Bush Power

    the under bonnet lithium is not a reality yet , it is on the horizon motorcycles and quads and stuff are a different story , i have them in all my big bikes and so far they are amasing when they get them right for cars , it will be a real game changer