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    Can Anybody Suggest What This Rock Might Be?

    Currently on holiday in Scotland & wanted to have a hunt for some Scottish Gold. Using an SDC2300 these rocks give a signal like a rusty horse shoe - very loud. No rusty colour to the rock though to suggest ironstone. If anything it resembles blue stone. Also a lot of blackish/grey sand at edge...
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    Just wondered if Phase Technical are still operating, sent a query to them via their website couple of weeks ago re SP01 audio enhancer & have had no response. Tried telephone number on their website & call fails??
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    Found a few lumps of quartz that look to have small specs of gold in them. Crushed one up a bit & there does appear to be gold dust as a result. Is there a way of determining whether it is gold or mica?
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    Had a search through various sections of the Forum for advice on effective insect repellents. There is the occasional reference in passing in other topics, but couldn't find anything specific. Have seen "Bushman's" mentioned and of course "Aeroguard". Mozzies and flies are what I have in mind...
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    Posts By LOAMER On Reading The Land

    I was reading through some brilliant posts from LOAMER started way back in 2013, which had some fantastic photos & information on how to read the land for likely areas to detect. My computer then crashed & I cannot recall where I picked up the posts from. Does anybody happen to have a link to...
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    Having reached (Old Fart) retirement age, have decided to take up detecting as a hobby. Something have wanted to do for 40 years, but you guessed it, never seemed to have the time. Main considerations are obviously which detector (2300) seems to be the favoured implement, but which vehicle to...