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  1. Capertee gold

    Murder in the gold feilds sunday night

    This Sunday night channel 7 Sydney are running a investigation In the western Australian gold fields about how many prospectors go missing or are killed ,and their gold stolen , Should be a very interesting show ,I know I've roamed around the bush alone in some remote spots in New south wales...
  2. Capertee gold

    Hopefully i got a bargain - SDC2300

    Well been thinking of upgrading from the the old GP extreme for a while now So thought I might get me a sdc2300 and see if I can find the small stuff instead of find nothing alot of the time So been hunting around for a good second hand one for sale even though most selling them aren't far off...
  3. Capertee gold

    The big question ? Is NAPFA having an AGM this year or not

    any news yet on Napfa agm or are we not aloud this year or are we to scared of the Gate's plandemic or we can't social distance out in the bush successfully ??? Just thought I'd ask as I need a break from work and normally take a week off in conjunction with the AGM
  4. Capertee gold

    Napfa AGM at sofala this year

    So Sofala it is then 12th of October so at least they've given us a months and a bits notice this time So whos going and whos bringing the water as there isn't alot around in town even to the point the pub had to shut Well looking forward to catching up with you all for a brew again ??
  5. Capertee gold

    Burrendong Dam

    Anyone one been out to BurrendonI Dam of late Dam level is 14% Thats not alot water Last time i went out there for a drive it was at 19% and we could'nt see any water from the rd I hear there is good gold out there,but stay away from patatoe patch or the owner will shoot you if he's still...
  6. Capertee gold

    Jupiter and noisy detectors

    OK just a article I'm reading in Gold Gem & Treasure About the effect of Jupiter on your detectors threshold So while detecting a spot today that ive been to many times before i just found it impossible to get the machine quite today The ground is quite heavily mineralize but , I normal have...
  7. Capertee gold


    HI all Thanks for letting me join Am in at Capertee near the Turin river recently moved permanently up here from Sydney Have been prospecting for about year now with not much to show but its a bug and I caught it And if I find yella its a bonus ,but love being out in the Bush , Have done...