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    Amazing story of ginger Mick.

    in reading about the great australian gold fields and the lives of the peoples on them. l tend to feel some how cheated by the victorian education department of the day 1960's in regards to local history, just happy l didn't have to learn french
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    On This Day

    l once flew with Qantas best flight ever the drinks just kept on coming
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    Whinge of the day thread...

    ha l remember to good old days of first color tv there said it would the best system australia could get and you would never need to up grade....yeah right
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    Slaty Creek Conditions

    check out the local guys youtube vids of the area
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    Whinge of the day thread...

    hmmm sounds like built in redundancy
  6. allcables

    Victorian goldrush days maps

    hi very interested in any maps of or around the yarra valley cheers mate
  7. allcables

    Cone Mould

    nice work
  8. allcables

    A very big BANG in the WA outback!

    l look forward to watching that episode on trucking australia
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    Cone Mould

    l would think if you boiled cooking oil into the steel if may act like a frying pan and maybe not allow to gold to stick, may try a tiny bit of gold first. good luck
  10. allcables

    Creeks after floods

    have a look at youtube "out bush with marky" he posts same interesting vids of slaty creek in and after flooding
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    What Car, what brands do you trust for the Outback?

    if it helps l hunted for a 6cylinder petrol toyota prado to tow my off road caravan. l know its petrol but with the long range fuel tanks, and being aware of where l'm going l reckon l'm good
  12. allcables

    Wanted Off road Caravan .

    if its any help l brought a golf savannah 499, really happy with it
  13. allcables

    5 acres in Daisy Hill (Maryborough Vic.) for sale

    only 7 mins 12.3 seconds from the Aldi bottle shop in Maryborough,... ha ha
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    Quote Of The Day

    l once saw a couple. written across his tee shirt was "l'm stupid" and written across her was " l'm with stupid"
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    Today I MADE

    today l made a mess, its alright but someone else will clean it up
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    Murder in the gold feilds sunday night

    in my day if you came from a broken home, and you did something wrong the local sargent would give you a good kick up the arse. nowdays police are a wee bit too politically correct but thats just what l think
  17. allcables

    How Emergency Services View Prospectors

    as a kid l grew up in the bush, so with that thinking l thought l knew what l was doing until one day way out in the scrub near Gelantipy victoria while doing some survey work for telstra l walked not 20-30 metres into the scrub looking for the cable route and became totally disoriented. first...
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    Why I never charge batteries while I am not able to monitor them.

    Lithium batteries and there in built charge controllers (BMS) or ok, but the old rule of thumb you get what you pay for
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    good advice before buying rural

    that remines me about the rock quarry that used to be in lilydale victoria. it was up and running since the late 1800's then came a housing estate overlooking the quarry, it appears the new estate home owners didn't like the noise. in the end it closed down people lost jobs, but the home owner...