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  1. Mackka

    Looking at buying a Hybrid SUV petrol battery,

    Anyone driving one and any comments? I noticed that the Subaru Forester doesn't have a spare wheel as that space is taken up with the batteries. Cheers Mackka
  2. Mackka

    $500,000 Reward

    Read this morning that this reward has been posted for information with regard to Mr. Paul Murray whose dead, naked body was found on April 22 1995 2 klm from his claim on the Lightning Ridge Opal fields. His claim was 8 klm from town. Mackka
  3. Mackka

    R.I.P. Paul Gregory Green

    Legendary NRL coach with the Nth. Qld. Cowboys that won the Premiership in 2015, has passed away. Mackka
  4. Mackka

    Wanted July 1985 gold gem & treasure magazine

    Looking for this copy of July 1985 Gold, Gem & Treasure magazine if anyone can help. Cheers Mackka
  5. Mackka

    R.I.P. Andrew (Roy) Symonds

    Sadly Roy passed away today due to a car accident. He was 46. in Gods Arms Mackka
  6. Mackka

    I can’t PM anyone

    I have followed the instructions, tap on avatar but there isn’t any Start Conversation on bottom right. Mackka
  7. Mackka

    RIP Johnny "Chook" Raper

    Just read that Johnny passed away today aged 82 years from dementia. An absolute LEGEND of rugby league and the St. George Club. He was the reason that i bought a Saints jumper when i was a kid. Condolences to his Family, Friends and Team mates. Mackka :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers...
  8. Mackka

    Job Well Done

    Here is a positive spin on the Whinge of The Day. Had to get the main toilet replaced and as you do i went to the big boys toy store with swmbo and we choose a new suite. Plumber arrives and rips out the old unit, opens the box with the new unit in it, tells me their is no fittings for the pan...
  9. Mackka

    Mini Classifier

    Thought of this when i emptied my fetta cheese container. Mackka
  10. Mackka

    Tradie Needed Brisbane

    Anyone recommend a Retaining Wall/ Fencer in Nth. Brisbane ? Thanks in Advance Mackka
  11. Mackka

    Fencer needed P M me

    I need quotes on fencing repair north Brisbane, probably concrete sleeper . Just putting it out there in case members have mates. Cheers Mackka
  12. Mackka

    Be Careful of Mosquitoes

    Just read that a case of Murray River Encephalitis has been encountered in Victoria and there is no cure. Stay Safe Everyone Mackka
  13. Mackka

    Charley Pride RIP

    Charley passed away this morning from complications of Covid 19. Kiss An Angle Good Morning Charley, you will be missed by millions. God Bless Mackka 8.( 8.( :flowers: :flowers:
  14. Mackka

    In My Day

    I would like to go back to better times, in my opinion! I grew up in the scrub and my school had 13 students for a better word, it was one weatherboard room with class from Kindy to 6 year. On Friday night my Mum, Dad and I at 4-5 would go to the Pub via horse and sulky, 5 mile. I would get a...
  15. Mackka

    Can you fossick in a suburban creek ?

    Just wondering and if so would i need a Fossicking Permit. Mackka
  16. Mackka

    Anyone heard from?

    Money box, Madtuna B5Mech,etc are you blokes OK? Mackka
  17. Mackka

    Adelong Mine to Re-Open

    Has anyone heard that the mine has been sold and the new owners are planning on working it again? Regards Mackka
  18. Mackka

    Soft rubber or plastic becoming sticky

    Just wondering if anyone knows why certain items that have rubber or plastic cases or surrounds become sticky? Is it because of the lack of UV light? I have a couple of cameras with rubber type hand grips and have had them stored for a number of years and recently unpacked them to find the grips...
  19. Mackka

    Earring Posts

    Needing some help. My wife has lost/broken the posts ( I think that is what they are called) on some earrings and long sorry short, jewelers don't want to try and help. Question, do you think that jewelry market stall people would be able to replace the posts or can I buy posts somewhere and...
  20. Mackka

    Minelab Detector Found

    Just read on another site that a detector was found on the side of the road near Bendigo and handed into the Police. Mackka