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  1. Lesgold

    Worm Farm Harvest

    Hi Folks just thought I’d post a bit of info on my worm farms. Today was the day to harvest worms in preparation for emptying the castings out onto the veggie patch. I have 8 worm beds in total and keep the little fellas in old bath tubs. A couple of times each year the beds are emptied. The...
  2. Lesgold

    Detector Scoops

    Hi Folks, Recently a mate bought me a new scoop after I commented on how good his was to use. Have you ever thought about scoops and their design? There are so many possibilities and variations on what is essentially a small plastic hand spade. And yes, there are many of you who don't use them...
  3. Lesgold

    Lesgold’s NOX finds

    Hi folks, Needed to get a detecting fix regularly but with the bush being so overgrown, an alternative “therapy“ was needed to fix the withdrawal symptoms. Decided a couple of weeks ago to start using my Equinox 800 on the beach. I’m new to this type of detecting so I will be asking for help...
  4. Lesgold

    Cleaning spendable coins

    Hi folks, I’ve just started in the beach detecting game after owning a NOX for a few years. It was used initially to find a bit of gold but I never really used it for what it was designed for. With the local gold fields badly overgrown, I decided to get my “fever fix” on the local beaches...
  5. Lesgold

    Build your own pick handle

    Hi Folks A few years ago I found an old home made pick down by one of the local creeks. The handle was just about cactus but the steel head of the pick was quite hard so I decided to keep it. Heres a pic of the old beast. used it for a couple of years when ever I was plodding around in the...
  6. Lesgold

    SDC 2300 for sale

    Hi Folks Selling my SDC 2300 due to an upgrade to a GPZ 7000. No warranty remaining on the machine. The detector is in good condition with only minor marks on the skid plate of the coil. (See attached photos) The serial number is shown on one of the photos. Price is firm at $2950. The package...
  7. Lesgold

    GPX coils for sale (NSW)

    Hi Folks, Having just sold my GPX 5000, I have a number of coils to sell. As you will see from the photos, they have had very little use (most of them have had only a few days strapped to the detector) Asking approximately 2/3 new price. Postage at buyers expense. 1) Nugget Finder Evolution...
  8. Lesgold

    GPX 5000 for sale (NSW)

    Hi folks, Selling my GPX 5000 as I no longer need it (purchased a zed a few months ago) The machine has no warranty. $3500 with all the goodies listed. The machine is in good condition and has the usual wear and tear scratches and marks that you would expect for a detector of this age. The...
  9. Lesgold

    Lesgold's videos

    SDC 2300 - Look For That Small Signal Hi Folks, Went out for a play a few days ago over some ground that Id covered before with the gpx and the 2300. As we all know, nobody gets all the gold and my focus for the day was to concentrate on a couple of old workings that I thought would contain...
  10. Lesgold

    Looking around the goldfields after the fires

    Hi Folks Just spent a couple of hours wandering through the local bush looking at how the forest is recovering after the fires went through. Areas that I used to know like the back of my hand now seem quite foreign and stark. Landmarks and my perception of distance has changed in some cases due...
  11. Lesgold

    Coiltek Gold Extreme 10x5 and 14x9 Comparison

    Hi Folks Decided to do a bit of testing today. Ive been using the Coiltek 10x5 Gold Extreme for quite a while now and its turned out to be a real killer on small gold. Have had the 14x9 sitting in the shed for months now but havent made the effort to do much work with it. Made the decision to...
  12. Lesgold

    Battery Given Up

    Hi Folks, Marine batteries, what a pain. Dropped the boat in for its service to be told one of the batteries was down in power. Dont seem to last like they used to. Only put it in the boat in Feb 2004. At least its mate (installed at the same time)is still running strong. So much for Chinese...
  13. Lesgold

    Gold Nuggets Melted and Alloyed to Produce 18 Karat Gold

    Hi Folks, Was lucky enough to watch some of my smaller gold melted down and alloyed to make 18 Karat rose and white gold for my daughter and her partners wedding rings. Filmed the process as Id never seen it done before. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers Les
  14. Lesgold

    SDC Standard Coil V Coiltek Gold Extreme 10x5

    Hi Folks, Just finished a bit of a test comparison between the SDC 8 standard coil and the Coiltek 10x5 Gold Extreme. Wanted to see how the two coils performed on a number of undug targets. Signals were detected about 6 weeks ago with the standard coil and targets were left untouched until both...
  15. Lesgold

    Coiltek Gold Extreme 10x5

    Hi Folks, A couple of days ago a mate lent me his 10x5 Gold Extreme to play with on the SDC. He didnt have the accessory kit at that stage and I was volunteered to give this new coil a run. It was fitted to the machine and of course the first thing we all wanted to do was to perform and air...
  16. Lesgold

    Wriggle Sticks on the move

    Hi Folks, Was out with a mate doing some testing and almost ran my coil over this: Well camouflaged little blighter or should I say biter. Can you spot him? I almost didnt. A bit closer: Death Adders dont get Xmas cards from me. Just dont like the ugly suckers. The gators will be a...
  17. Lesgold

    Coiltek 14x9 Gold Extreme coil plus SDC Accessory Kit.

    Hi Folks, Ordered a 14x9 Coiltek coil and adaptor kit for the SDC just before going on a trip to WA. Picked up the coil two days ago. Decided not to use it as I want to purchase a Zed before next years trip. Will need to sell a few things and save big time to get the cash I need. Put the coil...
  18. Lesgold

    Detector Settings When Using The SP01

    Hi Folks, Ive been using the SP01 for over a year now and have found it to be a great bit of kit. The sound that comes through to the headphones is tremendous. It really does enhance signals without the addition of a background hummmmm. When it was initially hooked it up to the gpx5000, the...
  19. Lesgold

    GVM issues in tow vehicles

    Hi Folks, Just thought Id open up a topic for discussion in relation to weight issues that many people encounter when towing larger caravans. Three weeks ago I had a long range fuel tank installed on my tow vehicle. I did a rough calculation on the extra weight that the full tank would add to...
  20. Lesgold

    Boat Battery question

    Hi Folks, A quick question. How many years should I expect to get out of my cranking batteries on my boat? Ill be interested in what you have to say before I feed you some info. Cheers Les