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  1. Rusty_G

    Minelab GPX4500 sitting around?

    Anyone have a GPX4500 they have been thinking of selling? I am in East Gippsland Victoria. I would be willing too swap a Gold Rat 12" Highbanker with 2" 8HP pump, sluice extension, hoses etcetera and cash for the right Machine package. Thanks in advance for any genuine interest. Rusty :Y:
  2. Rusty_G

    The Bus Stop Sluice (12" DIY)

    A little while ago I decided I had to make know how you get that DIY bug. So I decided I should attempt a Sluice... Where to get the Aluminium? How about Bunnings? Nah, not the right sizes and too expensive for DIY. How about the scrap metal yard? Yep...road signs! How's $2.50...
  3. Rusty_G

    Gold Rat- 12" Outback Pioneer Highbanker Review

    So after a lot of research and learning about all things highbanking and the various types on the market, I finally decided to get the Gold Rat 12" Outback Pioneer Series Highbanker. I wanted to post a review for all those interested: Gold Rat 12" Outback Pioneer Series Highbanker Foreword...
  4. Rusty_G

    Happy to be here!

    G'day PA Ladies and Gents! :) Well after snooping about as a spectator of the forums here on PA for the last 4-5 years I decided it was about time I joined the discussions! A little background: Iv'e travelled about a bit. Lived in Gympie, Darwin, Palmerston, Adelaide, Mt Isa and now in Lakes...